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At Edenmaine, we are hobby breeders of Maine Coon kittens who raise all cats in a loving, stimulating environment. We make sure that every Maine Coon kitten for sale goes to the right home. Our cats, all of whom are gentle and playful, have an excellent pedigree and amazing temperaments. If you are interested to know more, please get in contact with us to learn more about our beautiful Maine Coon cats.




maine coon kittens for sale, Edenmaine

The Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world.  They are attractive cats with a prominent ruff or mane and have a rectangular body shape and robust bone structure. They have an uneven two layered coat and a long bushy tail. They are highly intelligent and affectionate creatures who love the attention of humans, which means that they can happily live alongside young children and other pets including dogs. 

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 Our Boys 





  • Our retired stud male 
  • Beautiful large classic brown tabby
  • Fantastic head and ear set
  • Excellent type and temperament
  • Super confident 

 maine coon kittens for sale in UK

Jack Frost 

  • Our stud male who has produced many excellent kittens
  • Large classic black silver tabby with white
  • Lovely markings and stunning eyes
  • Very gentle and affectionate
  • Loves lazing around on his favourite perch



Our Girls 




  • Retired queen of the pride
  • Striking green eyes
  • Black tortie with white
  • Feisty with a strong attitude
  • Excellent mother to her babies

Kizziah Light 

  • Black silver tortie tabby from Polly and Amadeus
  • Excellent colour and pattern
  • Very affectionate    and gentle
  • Highly intelligent
  • Lets you know what she needs at all times

amber, maine coon cat

Amber Sunshine 

  • Black silver tortie tabby from Polly and Amadeus
  • Lovely orange eyes
  • Beautiful coat and tail
  • Lovely affectionate nature

 tortie tabby female with white


  •  Brown  tortie mackerel tabby with white
  • Vibrant green eyes
  • Has a big personality
  • Likes to do her own thing
  • Always getting into mischief



  • Our new baby, brown  tortie mackerel tabby
  • Gentle and sweet
  • Very endearing nature
  • Always by your side or on your lap








Welfare for Our Cats 

All of our Maine Coon cats are raised within our home and develop in a stimulating environment with other cats. They are reared lovingly by us to ensure they are healthy, ready and able to go to new homes. We always ensure that our cats grow up in a healthy, caring environment. 

maine coon kittens for sale in UK 



If you have any further questions or are looking for maine coon kittens for sale in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, get in touch with us at Edenmaine for a friendly chat.